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About Us

Easing payments the finest way

At Kopayment, we are all about making the process of money exchange easy. Our aim is to ensure that individuals and business organizations have a very high degree of mobility as they send and receive money. We also offer a safe and secure platform for online purchases and our services are not restricted by physical borders.

Our team of over 2 years and a combined experience of far over a decade is made up of some of the most innovative hands to ensure that continuous novelty.

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An IBAN for your account

On completing your registration with Kopayment and opening your virtual account, you get issued a unique IBAN (International Bank Account Number). Your IBAN supports a vast number of currencies and makes sending and receiving payments between banks worldwide easy. Like every other service offered by Kopayment, it is comfortable and secure.

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Manage all your payments in one place easily and at your comfort away from the hassles of the physical world.


All you have with us is secure. Our payment systems are updated routinely to ensure that every loophole for fraud is blocked.


Our payment systems are unhindered physically and digitally. It only takes a few seconds for payment to get to the receiver.


Transaction fees are affordable. Pay little for so much. Make no loss when you pay us.

Multiple currency

You are availed the opportunity to transact in different currencies as you will thus difference in currency is no restriction.


You get the chance to effectively control your money wherever you are, on your phone or on the web.


Get paid for knowing people

You are sure to have a remarkable experience with us and you will definitely want to share the story of the excellence of our services with everyone you know. But why tell them for free when we can pay you to tell them and refer them to us. Enroll in our referral program and get paid for everyone you refer to us.

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